Lottie  P.
BEEBE for BESE District 3


Educational Issues

A Fair Superintendent Hiring Process
Hiring Louisiana's Superintendent of Education is one of BESE's biggest responsiblities, and BESE must have a fair, transparent hiring process that seeks qualified candidates in order to assure that our children and educators will have the best education leader possible. I was the only BESE member to call for a fair candidate search four years ago, and I will do so again when re-elected.  

Common Core State Standards
I was one of the first elected officials in Louisiana to raise questions about the Common Core agenda and the developmentally inappropriate Common Core State Standards.  My objections to Common Core are based on research - not personal feelings or political persuasion.  The Common Core debate far exceeds a desire for rigorous standards.  I have yet to meet a single individual who objects to rigorous, yet realistic standards.  A recent survey indicated that approximately 70% of Louisiana respondents support Louisiana-developed standards.  

As a BESE member, I raised objections to the data sharing and data privacy policies of the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE). Student privacy should be rigorously protected and any violations of student privacy should be investigated and disclosed. 

The LDOE has frequently ignored public requests for information from citizens; these requests are allowed under Louisiana's open records laws. This lack of transparency has resulted in costly lawsuits that take money away form educating our children and has created a public perception that the LDOE is hiding or misrepresenting information. The LDOE must be transparent and responsive to lawful requests for information 

The Recovery School District
Intended to be a temporary solution to New Orleans' educational challenges, the Recover School District has become a permanent and fiscally wasteful division of the LDOE.  The RSD currently does not manage any New Orleans schools, but taxpayers still pay to fund excessive administrative salaries.  The RSD's contracting and administrative expenses must be thoroughly investigated.

Charter Schools
As a grandmother and an educator, I believe that parents should choose the best education options for their children.  I therefore support charter schools that are supported by the community, have fair admissions, and achieve the results that are promised.  But I oppose the current trend of BESE awarding charters to for-profit corporations when these charter requests are opposed by local school districts.  

Value Added Modeling (VAM) Evaluations
The VAM teacher evaluations are flawed.  For example, great teachers who already foster high student performance results are penalized for not being able to increase those results.  VAM should be investigated fairly and transparently by objective experts in order to examine these flaws and provide more information about how to create better teacher assessments.  

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